Thursday, July 03, 2008

Business of the Day!

Cousin & Co was founded by cousins, Undra Duncan and Shekima Francois in 2004. Undra and Shekima have both had a life long love for the fashion accessories industry. This love has taken the cousins to pursue education and careers at some of the industries top fashion schools and companies. Now, after a short hiatus, they are back with a new concept, a new line and attitude toward fashion accessories. The C4 mix is the fashion brainchild of Cousin & Co LLC. They are creating a brand that speaks to all women who appreciate high fashion at a fairly affordable price. In wake of the death of the “It” bag Cousin & Co are presenting a line to women of the world that speaks to both fashion and function, not just egos and a need for self validation. This line is designed for the ordinary woman with the extraordinary life – Indulge and Enjoy.

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