Thursday, June 03, 2010

Elaine Wilbon-Her Secrets Of Success

Elaine Wilbon of Dumfries, Va demonstrates her products all day long at her Potomac Mills Kiosk to many people as she and her staff can possibly touch. She does lots of facials. When she finishes with them, she presents the whole package. There's no one who leaves her chair without being told the importance of getting started with her whole regime-cleanser, toner, moisturizer and exfoliator, eye products, foundations and powders. She ties in the importance of the whole package.

Elaine is also a brow designer and provides brow services at the Kiosk. Either before the clients sits down to get her brows done or after she get her brows done, Elaine always talks about great skin and glamour.

The key thing that makes Elaine so successful is that everything she wants to sell, she demonstrates. She demonstrates the eye products, she cleanses the face. She does half the face so the client can see the remarkable difference between what a well cared for face looks like vs. the face they brought to the kiosk. It's a simple concept but it works like charm. It's not magic. It's just executing what has already been proven as a success formula. To create your on wealth Go Here to find how.

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