Monday, April 27, 2009

Makeup Artist of the Day!

Keya DeLarge
Keya Makeup Artist
Professional Freelance Makeup Artist
Atlanta, GA

Keya is a highly talented, published freelance makeup artist hailing out of Atlanta, Georgia. She was introduced to makeup while pursuing a modeling career where she discovered the importance of enhancing ones natural characteristics. She has not had any formal training but did study under a well known artist in Georgia: Dee Towns of Platinum Faces, where she gained valuable knowledge of the basics. Keya's work has graced the pages of multiple publications, numerous runways, performers' stages, music videos, and independent films. If ever you are in need of extraordinary talent to make you beautiful, enhance your portfolio, makeup, production, event or need your project to shine call the highly capable Keya Makeup Artist.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Makeup Artist of the Day!

Gwenicia Pettie
Makeup Artist
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Gwenicia Lyne’ Pettie, Makeup Artist, Tulsa, Oklahoma currently resides in Norman, OK. In May of 2008 Gwenicia graduated from the University of Oklahoma with Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Relations, the oldest of 8 children. Gwenicia loves her family and friends and of course her school, but most of all she loves makeup. Makeup artistry is Gwenicia passion. She fell in love with makeup in high school, and began experimenting with colors/makeup applications by the time she was a senior.

Gwenicia objective is to amplify the natural beauty of all women so the confidence within can radiate through. She have the gift of finding the beauty in any person. There is not a person in this world that Gwenicia couldn’t makeover. Everyone has something unique about their face all you have to do is enhance it. Gwenicia love to encourage and inspire people; she believes that self love and self worth are the two most important ingredients in the recipe for confidence. That’s why she loves to amplify beauty; and enjoys making people feel good about themselves.

Gwenicia also loves to perform makeovers, to see a person transform from ordinary to gorgeous melts her heart. It makes Gwenicia proud to know that her talent and passion for makeup helped you feel and look beautiful. It’s not about making people pretty or covering up flaws it’s about helping someone inner confidence shine through because if you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do great things.

Gwenicia work has been featured in ExpoStyles Exposure Magazine, “The Ultimate Hair & Beauty Guide.” ExpoStyles is Oklahoma’s number one quarterly-digital/printed magazine, that’s provide the latest and freshest fashion information, including amazing Hair and Make-up Artists from the State of Oklahoma as well as surrounding states.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Business of the Day!

Kelly DeGroot
Founding Team Leader
La Crescent MN

Hello, my name is Kelly DeGroot. I would like to introduce myself along with my great business, Mineralicious! Makeup. I've always had very sensitive skin and the way I dealt with it was not to wear earrings nor makeup. Tried my best to look great but in a natural way. Until I found Mineralicious. After trying the product, I didn't breakout, neither right away or hours later. I fell in love. I'm one of the first 25 consultants that signed up for the business so I'm considered a Founding Consultant. I get to help the owner make executive decisions. I have a great team and we're doing great! Now I get to wear makeup and look great all of the time instead of wondering what people thought about my "natural" look.

As for away from my business, I'm a mom to a 6 year old boy who plays baseball, soccer and a true hockey player. We moved to Minnesota from Utah just for his dream of becoming a pro hockey player. We love the outdoors by kayaking, boating, fishing, camping, hanging out with friends and of course traveling to our favorite spot. Maine, we have a cabin up there on a pond (lake) and its all to ourselves! For more information about Kelly and her awesome business visit TODAY!

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