Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Business of the Day!

Gillian Williams
Naturesk Organic Care
Central FL

I was born in South America, where I spent all of my grade and high school years. I moved to NY to pursue a college education, which I did start and completed after I moved to FL. Since I was a little girl, I recalled my mother always mixing up stuff for my hair and skin; but that was normal to me. I never thought it was anything extraordinary. During my years in high school I enjoyed doing hair and for many years I would do my friends and family's hair, but never did pursue it as a career. About two years ago after returning to South America, I brought back some oils that my mom used and I found myself mixing products for my hair and skin, just like my mom did.

For the few years I've been experiencing some issues with my scalp and my skin and after trying every lotion, shampoo & conditioner out there, I saw no improvement. After starting a blog and forum, I realized that there are many other women out there with similar and other issues. After much research, I realized that the products on store shelves are filled with toxicants and carcinogenic ingredients and this is possibly what's causing all of these issues. I was inspired to develop a natural and organic line to give other women out there a much better solution. My plan is to launch that line during the fall of 2009. Visit Gillian blog for great hair care tips and ideas.

Excellence in Beauty!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Makeup Artist of the Day!

Shay Richardson
Shades of Beauty Makeup Artistry
Owner/ Master Makeup Artist and Brow Technician

My name is Shayna Richardson but everyone calls me Shay (I've grown to love it!) I am the owner and Master Makeup Artist of Shades of Beauty Makeup Artistry. As well as being an artist I am a Brow Technician (I shape brows the old fashion way with a straight razor). I am all self taught and have 8 years of makeup experience and 3 years of brow shaping experience. But I am always learning new things. Shades of Beauty is a pretty young company I have always had the vision but just started to get the ball rolling in September 2008. We are based out of Arlington Texas and service weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots, as well as other special occasions. There isn’t a specific line of makeup I use; everything from MAC to Cover Girl to Ben Nye will be found in my kit. I don’t discriminate on my products there are so many lines that have so many different qualities. I think the more you try different things the better artist you can be for your clients.

As of June 1 Shades of Beauty Makeup Artistry will now offer Airbrush Makeup

Shayna "Shay" Richardson
Professional Make-up Artist & Brow Technician
(817) 689-1889
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