Monday, April 06, 2009

Business of the Day!

Kelly DeGroot
Founding Team Leader
La Crescent MN

Hello, my name is Kelly DeGroot. I would like to introduce myself along with my great business, Mineralicious! Makeup. I've always had very sensitive skin and the way I dealt with it was not to wear earrings nor makeup. Tried my best to look great but in a natural way. Until I found Mineralicious. After trying the product, I didn't breakout, neither right away or hours later. I fell in love. I'm one of the first 25 consultants that signed up for the business so I'm considered a Founding Consultant. I get to help the owner make executive decisions. I have a great team and we're doing great! Now I get to wear makeup and look great all of the time instead of wondering what people thought about my "natural" look.

As for away from my business, I'm a mom to a 6 year old boy who plays baseball, soccer and a true hockey player. We moved to Minnesota from Utah just for his dream of becoming a pro hockey player. We love the outdoors by kayaking, boating, fishing, camping, hanging out with friends and of course traveling to our favorite spot. Maine, we have a cabin up there on a pond (lake) and its all to ourselves! For more information about Kelly and her awesome business visit TODAY!

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