Monday, May 11, 2009

Business of the Day

Karren Haller
KJ Designs -Karisma Jewelry
Title Designer OwnerLas Vegas, NV

Karren Haller is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Karren partners with her husband in manufacturing an organic agricultural product for 13 years, their product MicroSoil is an Organic Agriculture product which is sold worldwide and ahead of it’s time

Karren owns and operates a Beauty Business for 15 years, which employed up to 17 women, also maintains a full clientele and runs a Nail School as well. Karren developes websites, creates all of their marketing materials, instruction manuals, products and html's for their businesses. She is constantly on a learning curve when it comes to the internet, computers and not afraid to experiment with new tools to use on website. Karren belongs to WAHMS and CWAHMS.

Her jewelry is sold on:

Karren belongs to many networking sites and the Administrator Owner of “Swap n Shoppin Mommas”,

Which offers-
Resources Tools
Mom's Working at Home & Shopping

Karren have a home based business with Mr. Momz General Store affiliated program that drop ships products

Feel free to visit Karren sites today!

Until next week…Have a wonderful day!

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